FAQ: Life in China

Aims to answer the questions most frequently asked abouting studying abroad at PKU

  • FAQ BME joint PhD Graduate Research Program in ChinaWhere will I live when I am in China?There are several different possibilities and program administrators will work with you to arrange your housing before you depart.
  • FAQ BME joint PhD Graduate Research Program in ChinaWhat will my cost of living be like in China? In general, you will likely spend less on the basics than you do in Atlanta. As in any city, there is a huge range of options (and therefore pricing).

    Housing: In the dorms at PKU, a single room with a shared bathroom costs about 3600RMB ($547) per month. If you rent a place outside of PKU, it'll be around $500 for a one bedroom apartment in the area.

    Food: Your monthly cost can range from 1500RMB ($228) to 2000RMB ($304). Campus canteens offer the best price at approximately $2 per meal. If you eat all three meals there, you may spend as little as 800RMB ($122) per month. For groceries, big supermarkets like Carrefour, Walmart, Merrymart and Wumart offer much better prices than small ones.

    Transportation: The Chinese government encourages people to take public transportation so Beijing has a developed and sophisticated subway system. A ticket costs 2 RMB ($0.30) including all transfers. Bus tickets range from 0.4RMB ($0.06) to 2 RMB ($0.30). The starting price of a taxi is 10 RMB ($1.50) for 3km, plus 2RMB ($0.30) for every additional kilometer. Bikes are reasonable too; prices range from 200RMB ($30) to 1500RMB ($228).

    Entertainment: Normally a movie costs around 80 RMB ($12). For a 3D movie, the price is about 110-140RMB ($16.7-$21.3). In most bars, a beer costs around 50-100RMB ($7.60-$15.20).

  • FAQ BME joint PhD Graduate Research Program in ChinaWho will provide me with support once I arrive in China?The program has a full-time administrator, who is available to assist you with any questions or problems. In addition, you will have a network of "built in" friends and colleagues via the faculty and students in your lab and other students in the program.
  • FAQ BME joint PhD Graduate Research Program in ChinaHow much Chinese do I need to speak?The official language of the program is English, so you will not need any Chinese for your coursework or your research. You will, however, be living in China for a year so it is to your benefit to learn some Chinese before you go. Many students take (or audit) Chinese classes on the Georgia Tech campus before traveling to China.