FAQ: General

General Information on the Global Biomedical Engineering joint Graduate Program at Georgia Tech / Emory and PKU

  • BME FAQ Graduate questions for research in ChinaWhy does the Coulter Department offer a Joint Ph.D. with PKU?The Coulter Department recognizes that partnering with a Chinese University allows us an unprecedented opportunity to create a new paradigm for global biomedical engineering education and research. We are committed to ensuring that our students are open to, prepared for and competitive in today's global economy and global health environment. The field of biomedical engineering in China is rapidly changing, expanding and developing and our students are now able to both benefit from and take part in that change. The selection of PKU specifically was a 5-year process during which we carefully evaluated top BME programs throughout China. We chose BME at PKU because it is a young and vibrant department that is nevertheless one of the very best in the country, and it is a privilege for us to partner with them.
  • BME FAQ Graduate questions for research in ChinaHow many students are in the program?Currently, there are 6 students with Atlanta as their home campus and 14 with PKU as their home campus. For the 2011 class each campus may accept as many as 10 more students, but may choose to accept less based on the quality of the applicants.
  • BME FAQ Graduate questions for research in ChinaWhat if get to Atlanta and realize I don't like the program?Your advisor and the administrative team will work with you to resolve any program-related issues. It is normal to feed some apprehension when you commit to a major life change such as a year in China, but you will have plenty of support along the way. If the program truly is not a good fit for you then as a last resort it may be possible to transfer into one of the other Georgia Tech Ph.D. programs.
  • BME FAQ Graduate questions for research in ChinaHow does the program handle intellectual property (IP) generated by the joint research?Georgia Tech, Emory and PKU have a signed IP agreement. The IP generated in your Ph.D. thesis or any other research will be protected through that agreement.
  • BME FAQ Graduate questions for research in ChinaWhat is the timeline for completion of the Ph.D.? Each student's specific timeline is determined by the student, the advisor, and the co-advisor. However, a general idea of the expected progression is below.

    Milestone and Timing
      Advisor selection: 1st semester
      Program of study submission: End of 1st semester
      Qualifying exam (QE): End of 2nd semester
      Co-advisor selection: End of 1st year
      Thesis proposal: End of 4th semester (within 12 months of QE)
      Formation of Thesis Committee: End of 2nd year
      Residency in Beijing: 3rd Year
      Thesis Defense: End of 5th Year