FAQ: Research

Research Opportunities available to BME joint Graduate Program Students

  • BME Graduate research questions for ChinaDoes this program limit me to specific faculty mentors?No. Currently all primary and program BME faculty on both campuses are part of the GT-Emory-PKU program as well. You can find a list of all participating faculty at https://bme.gatech.edu/bme/faculty
  • BME Graduate research questions for ChinaHow will I find a co-advisor at PKU?You and your advisor will look at research collaborations, either current or potential, and will determine the best possible co-advisor for you. You do not need to find a co-advisor before entering the program.
  • BME Graduate research questions for ChinaHow long will it take me to graduate from this program?Like all other Ph.D. programs in our department, the timeline for this program is 5+ years. Participating in this program should not delay or accelerate your path to graduation.