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Turn your research into an incredible study abroad experience. Eye-opening and thought-provoking, our global research program offers you great options for gaining a truly international education.

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  • BME Graduate research studentEric Alonas Email:
    Advisor: Phil Santangelo
    Co-advisor: Peng Xi

    I chose the PKU program because I wanted to prove to myself that I could conduct meaningful work in an international setting. When in China, I look forward immersing myself in a completely new culture and seeing how well I can navigate it. As for my research, I will be imaging some of the viral infections we use study here at GT (influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, etc) using a new, super resolution microscopy technique that is only available in a couple of labs around the world. Lastly, my own personal interests include movies, basketball, and videogames.

  • BME Graduate research studentAlice Cheng Email:
    Advisor: Barbara Boyan
    Co-advisor: Undetermined

    When I learned about the Georgia Tech/Emory/Peking University collaborative PhD program, I knew that Georgia Tech was my number one choice for graduate school in biomedical engineering. Having resources at three world-class research institutions in two different countries is a tremendous opportunity that I feel so fortunate to have. Although I have been to PKU for study abroad in the past, I have never researched there. Working in two laboratories is an exciting dynamic with opportunity with scientific as well as cultural exchange. My project is focused on characterizing and understanding biological response to nano-modified Titanium biomaterials for orthopaedic applications. I hope to finish the surface and basic cell response analysis at Georgia Tech before proceeding to PKU to validate my model in more complex in vitro and in vivo systems.

  • BME Graduate research studentJunghwa Choi Email:
    Advisor: Hanjoong Jo
    Co-advisor: Undetermined

    I joined the PKU program several weeks after the start of the semester and looking back, I feel joining has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am currently studying the role of shear-sensitive microRNAs in endothelial cells function and atherosclerosis in the Jo lab. Collaborating with other labs in China will provide a unique opportunity to meet other scientists working in similar research areas and share each other's ideas. Peking University has excellent reputation in China and abroad, allowing me to further my scientific training while experiencing a new country and culture. Spending a year in China would be an invaluable memory for me and be a highlight of my Ph.D. experience, both scientifically and culturally. Ever since I attended foreign language high school, I have always had an interest in exposing myself to new environments and foreign places. Learning Chinese, making new friends, and exploring China while working towards earning my Ph.D. is a rare treat that I cannot pass up.

  • BME Graduate research studentWarren Gray Email:
    Advisor: Niren Murthy
    Co-advisor: Ying Luo

    Being raised in a family interested in travel, I look at my future with an international perspective. The PKU program initially interested me because it provides a built-in year at a renowned university in China, whose global presence is increasing. I am developing drug delivery vehicles to target the heart, which will help rescue patients from heart failure after heart attack.

  • BME Graduate research studentErin Hewett Email:
    Advisor: Barbara Boyan
    Co-advisor: Undetermined

    I chose the PKU program because I love to travel and experience various cultures around the world, and because I believe both the US and China benefit by collaborative research. It's exciting to be able to be a part of something so new, so global, connecting top-tier schools in both countries. I'm most looking forward to meeting the PKU students and hearing their stories of what drew them to biomedical engineering. I hope to build on the Dr. Barbara Boyan lab - Dr. Haifeng Chen lab partnership, to utilize methods developed at PKU by Dr. Chen and apply them to my area of research. ...and it doesn't hurt that I really like authentic Chinese cuisine.

  • BME Graduate research studentJonathan Kirschman Email:
    Advisor: Phil Santangelo
    Co-advisor: Undetermined

    The Georgia Tech/Emory/PKU program was my top choice. I firmly believe that the combined resources of three major universities and the expertise of people with diverse approaches to science will help me achieve my own research aims and lay a foundation for further collaboration in the future. Furthermore, this is a unique opportunity to add travel and cultural exploration to my graduate experience. My research explores the underlying mechanisms of RNA trafficking between platelets and their megakaryocyte precursors. I'm very excited about embarking on this amazing adventure!

  • BME Graduate research studentTanushree Thote Email:
    Advisor: Bob Guldberg
    Co-advisor: Zigang Ge

    I am a second year doctoral student in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering pursuing a joint PhD program at Georgia Tech, Emory University and Peking University (China). I will be spending a year in China, collaborating with Dr. Zigang Ge at Peking University. No other University has a built in study abroad program for a PhD in BME. I joined this program as it is my last chance to ever study abroad in a place as vibrant as China. I hope to develop my networking skills via this program as well as explore avenues to work abroad after completion of my PhD.
    My current research focuses on examining the changes in cartilage during the progression of osteoarthritis by using non-invasive methods. I hope to collaborate with Dr. Ge to examine biomaterials for drug delivery for Osteoarthritis as well as perform micro-CT imaging for small animal models.

  • BME Graduate research studentMelissa Tsang Email:
    Advisor: Mark Allen
    Co-advisor: Undetermined

    When I first learned about the GT / Emory / PKU program, I was compelled to apply because the program directly addresses my aspirations as a BME to address the medical shortcomings of our global community. Having studied abroad previously in Dresden, Germany, I observed that the intellectual exchange that occurs among researchers, industry and the people facilitates the transition of novel ideas into concrete design. In turn, I believe that as scientists, we must extend these intellectual exchanges beyond domestic grounds if we aspire to make a global impact. What distinguishes the PKU program is the unique opportunity to conduct research abroad. I look forward to immersing into the research culture at PKU and to the countless cultural adventures that I will experience in Beijing. While the specifics remain undefined, my project is to develop a novel MEMS device for biomedical applications. I am interested in collaborating with researchers at PKU in the areas of microfabrication and bioMEMS.